Full Body Tantric Massage

Massage to Connect with Your Body - smaller areas available, ask me

  • 3 hours
  • 194 British pounds
  • Location provided upon booking

Service Description

Located in birmingham. Experience the sensation of touch through tantric sensual massage. Experience the true act of receiving and having space held for you as you surrender to your own energy. I use massage and an array of tools to awaken all of the senses, dim lighting, natural oils, music and touch. Each Tantric massage is different and each therapist is different so it's important that you choose what feels right for you. Ioffer a free consultation call where we can talk it through and you can decide if my energy is something that feels aligned for you. Each session is different as it's tailored to you, your boundaries and how you feel at the time. You will experience a consultation in person before your massage where your therapist will discuss your medical history, lifestyle information and outline a bit more about the treatment. It's important that you feel comfortable every step of the way. Once you are ready and it is agreed. You will be left alone to disrobe (you will be naked) and given a towel for your modesty. You will be shown some tantric deep relaxation techniques such as breathwork and meditation and then we will move onto the massage. You will lie face down and your entire body will be massaged Tantric Massage Tantric Massage is a deeply honouring massage that will relax your entire body. It is about awakening the whole body and surrendering to a state of consciousness that you may not have reached before. Tantric Massage is about the whole body, including the sexual organs and not solely focused on the genitals. Tantric Massage is about allowing that delicious feeling of arousal or bliss or whatever you are feeling, to flow through your WHOLE body and not isolate or focus on it in one area only. For more detailed information. Please contact me

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